Friday, November 7, 2014

Man Grasshopper with Spider - Unpainted

 It's been a while since I've posted any pictures of unpainted, un-assembled resin kits, so I'll start things back up with an interesting gem from Japan called Man Grasshopper with Spider. This 1/6 scale resin kit is sculpted by Keisuke Yoneyama, and produced by Hellpainter.

 First let me start off by saying that if you're interested in bizarre, science fiction and horror based original designs, and have not heard of Hellpainter from Japan, then visit their website, like... yesterday:

  Sculptor Keisuke Yoneyama is a fantastic artist as you will clearly see from the pictures posted below. The delicate manner in which he fleshed out this character with it's organic, bone-like forms and chitinous armor flowing throughout is quite impressive, and his style very much reminds me of the work of Master sculptor, Takayuki Takeya. In fact, this piece very much reminds me of a piece released from Fewture Models in 1994 called,  Pusher Hopper: 
  I could ramble on and on about how much I enjoy this piece, but I'll simply let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy. 

                                                                 Instruction Sheet     

                                                          Main Grasshopper Man Body

                                                                 Mutant Spider Base

                                                                       Spider Head Detail


                                                             Grasshopper Hand Detail


                                                                 Grasshopper Head

                                                                Grasshopper Leg Detail

                                                                Spider Base Detail

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

King Thalidomidas


While I don't do a lot of paint commissions for other's, those that I do accept tend to be of the same subject matter that I myself am very fond of. I consider myself quite lucky to be called upon to do such things, and my most recent paint commission, King Thalidomidas, is one of which I'm very fond, indeed. Sculpted by Paul Komoda, and produced by Artist Proof Studio.
   This is the second casting of King Thalidomidas that I've had the pleasure of painting. As opposed to the previous Thalidomidas casting that I painted, which was very fleshy and warm, I chose to use more cool tones with this casting; referencing some of the colors which the late H.R. Giger applied to his paintings, as well as some used in the paintings made by Paul Komoda.

   Thank you for stopping by to look. Enjoy!



Monday, November 3, 2014

Mr. Wrinkles, take two

    Having the opportunity to repaint a piece that I painted in the past is something that I've wanted to do quite often. However, time is something that has kept me from actually doing it; that, and the fact that many of the pieces that I've painted over the years are in somebody else's collection, which may be on the other side of the continent, or even on the other side of the planet! There's one such piece that's at home in my display cabinet, though. I look at it in the evening when I sit and think on my couch, and each time I see it, I want to give it a few more hours time on my work bench to take it to where I now think it should be.  The piece is Mr. Wrinkles, sculpted by Jon Payne.

  Jon has fast become one of my favorite sculptors, and I eagerly await for him to reveal the creative, twisted, and expressive characters he consistently produces. I purchased a casting of Mr. Wrinkles from Jon at the 2013 Monsterpalooza show in Burbank, CA. I finished Mr. Wrinkles late that year. While I was fairly happy with it, the more I looked at my paint work,  I realized that he seemed far too warm and ruddy toned for my liking. The desire to take him out of the display case and spend a few hours with him became a daily occurrence, and I finally relented a few weeks ago. 


                                                             Mr. Wrinkles 2013 paint

 I spent time pushing back the warm skin tones in certain areas, lightening the high points, and accenting the wrinkles. I also pushed some of the shadows a little darker than I had done previously. As you can see below, the result is much cooler in tone, and much more to my liking. I think it was time well spent. Thank you for looking :)


                                                            Updated Mr. Wrinkles 2014



  Howdy-do, Ladies and Gents? I recently painted another member of a strange, reclusive family which may live in the deep hollows of the Appalachians, sculpted by John Schuster, and his name is Wilford. 

He and Jethro, another character sculpted by John which I painted earlier in the year, are cousins (see left). John Schuster is fantastic at sculpting these incredibly detailed characters, and I really enjoyed painting this one. He makes me think of an enraged Ernest Borgnine!




Friday, October 10, 2014

Arctic Blood Beast

Here's another cool piece from artist Anthony Watkins. When Anthony asked me to paint this and the Fraust Wyrm (see previous post), he asked me if I could paint the big horned beast so that it looked like it lived in a snowbound waste. I thought it was a great suggestion, and I'm glad he proposed the idea. So much so, that I decided to also paint the dragon trophy with an icy theme as well. 

 I took a few photos and realized that if I was going to call it the Arctic Blood Beast I really needed to add some choking bloody ribbons inside that gaping maw. So I did. Lots of it, too. I imagined that the brute sawed through some flabby seal-like creature that was taking a nap on an ice covered rock with that terrible mouth.