Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fraust Wyrm


 This is a very nice piece of resin from the studio of Anthony Watkins. I call him Fraust, pronounced "frost". I wanted to use a color scheme that I hadn't seen too many times before; something to evoke thoughts of a Dragon that might roam about an icy wasteland, crawling across jagged snow capped mountain spurs.
 Since I chose to paint the dragon with cool tones, I wanted to be sure and paint the eyes so they'd be a stark contrast. So I chose intense, fiery colors for the eyes. I very nearly repainted them a lime green, which I still think would've looked really nice, but my Girlfriend encouraged me not to. And I'm glad I took her advice.

  If you're interested in this piece, send Anthony an e-mail at: To see much more of Anthony's fantastical characters and amazing dragons, visit his Facebook page.


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