Friday, December 31, 2010

Mochiin Godzilla bust

The last one of the year Two thousand and Ten.

I kept at this bugger while working on a few other pieces, and the damn base, of all things, showed me who was Boss. I painted it three different ways before I s
aw anything that I was satisfied with. Nearly every single project I work on lets me know, in one way or the other, that it isn't me who's walking the Dog, but rather it's the Dog that's walking me!

I had no particular color scheme, or movie/suit references in mind when painting this, I just went with what seemed to look good to me.

Have a Glorious New Year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Yet another horse sculpture painted for my lovely daughter as a Christmas gift.

I searched high and low for a piece with just the right feel, and this one made the cut.
Released by a company called Mill Creek Sculptures, and sculpted by artist Arich Harrison. It was exactly what I was looking for: simple, beautiful design and flow, and the musculature was obviously very well thought out.

I'm not familiar with the company or the artist, but from what I gather, this piece is based off a popular war horse sculpture in a smaller scale. It's 8 inches tall, cast in a solid resin. Right out of the box the bust looked very nice. It was hand painted with an antique patina effect. So nice in fact, I had thought to just give it to my daughter as it was, but I had to give it my own personal touch. So I stripped the paint from it and painted my own version. (First photo below is of the bust stripped of original paint)

It was originally my intention to paint the horse very dark, near black. But I became quite attached to the dark red browns and other color effects I threw in there.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Mochiin Designs hits the G-spot...

Whoever attended Wonderfest 2008 won't likely forget the o
ne of a kind sculpture of an engorged and suspicious Godzilla hunched over the dislocated corpse of King Kong that proudly sat in the contest section of the convention center. BAM...there it was. Visceral and in your fucking FACE! Not only had Godzilla violently mutilated King Kong, she was eating the bastard, too! Sculpted and painted, courtesy of one, Moses D. Jaen.

Since then, Moses has haphazardly proven himself to have a tr
ue penchant for the putrescent, having released some of the most revolting zombie kits the hobby has ever seen as sculptor and producer of his Garage Kit outfit, Mochiin Designs. But in 2009, Mr. Jaen, again, hearkened unto his Kaiju kinship to release an exclusive piece for the 2009 Wonderfest convention, a two piece resin bust of the Mother of all Monsters, Godzilla.

The entire display is roughly 8" tall, and is cast, (wonderfully at that), in light gray resin. Moses sculpted her with all the rigid, rough textures, shard-like dorsal spikes, and feline facial features that are common to most Godzilla sculptures, but one can clearly see the Moses Mojo imbued in it's design. Godzilla herself locks into the top of the base, which was fashioned to resemble crumbled masonry, with lots of cool organic textures, and Japanese characters that read ' Godzilla'. The entire display is roughly 8" tall.

Glad I snagged one of these up from Moses before they totall
y disappeared. To see more of Moses' work, check out his website (and harass him about releasing another full-figure Godzilla piece!)
: Mochiin Designs

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mechanically Violated

If you're not already familiar with the work of master sculptor Takayuki Takeya, or a model kit producing company named, 'Fewture Models', then I'm sorry; this isn't the time or place for me to delve too deeply into the history of either one.

A long time has it been that I've had this piece in a box waiting to be painted. I did a bit of prep work on it last summer, but since then it's been hiding out in a dark corner. It's titled, 'Hakaider: Mechanical Violator', and was produced on the very cusp of 1999 or early 2000, I believe, by a legendary company named Fewture Models. Hakaider is a study of a Japanese science fiction film of the same name. The film was directed by Keita Amemiya. Sculptor Takayuki Takeya actually worked on the film, and this is his version of the character.

If you've not seen the film, there are slight differences from Takeya san's sculpture and the film version character. The piece illustrates a scene from the end of the movie in which Hakaider and Michael (Mechanical Justice) battle it out; and as you can see...Hakaider busted his balls.

If it's evident from the photos I took of the figure proper, you might be able to see the subtle movement of Hakaider walking off the square base. The figure is full of tension and attitude. It's always been one of my favorite works by Takayuki Takeya. I'm painting this for a friend, so it will be tough seeing it go, but we'll's been quite a while ago that it was sent to me, so I'm hoping it's been forgotten ;)

Stay tuned...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spiderzero: Medusa, in the buff.

This is one of those pieces that I felt intensely drawn to the moment I first saw it. Yet another masterful and strange piece sculpted by Simon Lee (Spiderzero).

The Medusa kit comes in four parts, ( 2 arms, torso and lower base section) solid cast in an off white resin. The original pre-order release also included a bonus figure of a mummified rat curled up in the fetal position. Simon's Medusa is loosely based on the infamous Medusa of Greek mythology. In Simon's own words:
" This character's design is very abstract. I didn't go with the traditional rendition / description of Medusa, rather, I chose to incorporate snake motifs into a very "Gigeresque" design. There's only a hint of sexuality, and the overall sexual ambiguity makes the character more mysterious and that much creepier. As I'd discussed in the Blah! section of the site, I'd designed this character as a shape-shifter. It's form is ever-changing. It can take on the form of a human or that of a snake, or both. Medusa's eyes are hidden in this design. They're hidden behind those striations where the eyes should be. Being "her" primary weapon, the eyes won't emerge until she's ready to attack."

As a whole, Medusa has aspects that both attract and repel me at the sam
e time. There's the pose: her arms out and overall shape gives me the vague impression of a Vegas showgirl in the middle of her onstage dancing act. I see a blasphemous sort of Siren, mocking the weak man; beguiling him with her disfigured promenade. The large head having the shape of her feathery and fanned out headdress. That large head also, for some reason, makes me think of the creepy, deformed blonde woman who appears during moments of Henry's trances in David Lynch's film 'Eraserhead'.

Those aspects, along with the obviously H.R. Giger styled appearance the piece has throughout. Most notably, the head itself makes me think of a Giger painting titled, 'Li I'.

There was a good bit of work that needed to be done with Medusa, primarily re sculpting detail to the areas that were affected by the offset mold lines. As time goes on I find that I rather enjoy doing this, the re sculpting in of detail bit; especially with Simon's work. It gives me the opportunity to better get in touch with the piece, study it and imagine h
ow I'd like to paint it. In a nutshell: it helps boost my creative energy and inspires the Hell out of me.

All of the re sculpting work was done using Aves: Apoxie Sculpt and A
ves: Safety Solvent to refine details and feather the edges of the clay out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Coupla' Zero's

Just funnin' around...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spiderzero: Crescent

A face of sadness, a face of heavy burden, an intense moment of grim realization; at least that's what it says to me

This piece entranced me. Simon Lee's Crescent guided me through every step of the way, and I simply followed. The piece itself, and a few extremely cool Fellas by the name of Bradley Johnson and Bill Mayo did as well. I just let go and kept it loose. These colors had been hanging in my mind every time I imagined how I should paint this piece, and finally they made it to the surface. I hope you all enjoy...