Wednesday, November 5, 2014

King Thalidomidas


While I don't do a lot of paint commissions for other's, those that I do accept tend to be of the same subject matter that I myself am very fond of. I consider myself quite lucky to be called upon to do such things, and my most recent paint commission, King Thalidomidas, is one of which I'm very fond, indeed. Sculpted by Paul Komoda, and produced by Artist Proof Studio.
   This is the second casting of King Thalidomidas that I've had the pleasure of painting. As opposed to the previous Thalidomidas casting that I painted, which was very fleshy and warm, I chose to use more cool tones with this casting; referencing some of the colors which the late H.R. Giger applied to his paintings, as well as some used in the paintings made by Paul Komoda.

   Thank you for stopping by to look. Enjoy!



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