Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Caracolilla Nude

This beautiful piece will be occupying my paint table for the next few weeks. It's called, "Caracolilla", and is sculpted by digital artist, Abner Marin. Abner very generously sent me a casting of this stunningly detailed bust a few months ago, and it's now available to order from Black Heart Enterprises:

 There's absolutely nothing that I can say about this amazing piece that the pictures won't illustrate. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Diseased Alien

 This is another great piece sculpted by artist John Schuster. It's basically your typical "Gray Alien" design, but with quite a gruesome cleft lip and palate rotten nose. The bust is solid resin cast, and a one of a kind piece according to John. The little Feller is just a touch under 5" tall, and flourishing with subtle skin wrinkles and detail. The skin tone I painted turned out more purple than I originally intended; a minty, pistachio green was one of the colors that I'd been applying and knocking back alternatively throughout the paint process, and it seems a knocked it back a bit too much to even detect! But, in the end, I'm happy with it, and John seemed to be pleased with it as well. 




Monday, June 15, 2015

Desmodus Vrykolakas

I recently finished painting this most excellent vampire display piece sculpted by artist Anthony Watkins. It's cast in solid resin, and comes with a nice round display mount and a clear resin stand. The head is roughly the size of a nice sized orange or apple. This piece really is a painter's dream with all the great textures, crazy teeth, and dramatically positioned tongue. I chose a pale gray skin tone with a really dark, inky mouth and bright reddish-orange eyes to stand out. Anthony didn't have a particular name for the piece other than vampire, so I took the liberty of naming it Desmodus Vrykolakas. Desmodus being a common Vampire Bat, and Vrykoulakas being the Greek, or Slavic name for a blood-feasting, undead creature. Even though it's only a head piece, there's just so much gnarly, pissed-off energy in the facial expression and writhing tongue, it's sure to hold it's own among the other nasty creatures in any Garage Kit enthusiast's display cabinet.