Sunday, August 7, 2016

Another Shock Monster Bust

After a crazy Summer thus far, I can say that it's very nice to finally update this blog with a cool project on which I really, really enjoyed working. I had the good fortune of being commissioned to paint another awesome Shock Monster resin bust, sculpted by Casey Love and produced by Scott Whitworth Studio. This newer version of the bust differs from the original release in that the original had a brick work base, and did a bit of custom work: hollowing out the mouth, knocking out a few teeth, and sculpting a fat tongue. This newer version has a much taller, ornately styled pedestal base, and a more hollowed out mouth and tongue as well. 

 I chose to paint it in much more potent greens and yellows, (versus the septic, brownish-green-yellow of the previous version. *See bottom photo*), applied jet black crepe hair, and a severely bloodshot eye. Green is my favorite color, and the Shock Monster is one of my favorite classic creepers!






Sunday, April 24, 2016

Royal Birth

This is a resin kit that I've been waiting to see for some time. It's called "Royal Birth". Sculpted by Garage Kit legend, William Paquet, and produced by Artist Proof Studio from southern California. The design is based off a painting by Artist Chris Cunningham. Chris painted the piece while working on the 1997 film, Alien Resurrection, as a concept design for the Alien Newborn creature. 

 Royal Birth is cast in 4 solid gray resin parts, and it stands 8.5" tall, and the base is about 4" wide and 5.5" long. I really loved building and painting this kit. I added an umbilical cord and some other nasty bits to enhance the base, which was already quite visceral. I just couldn't resist. Her vicious majesty spent the weekend at the Artist Proof Studio booth, along with two other exceptionally well painted versions by GK crafstman Phil Sera, and the unparalleled Paul Komoda (who also created the box artwork), at Monsterpalooza in Pasadena, CA. Here's my painted version. 

                                                Royal Birth box artwork by Paul Komoda

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Caracolilla 1/2 Scale

  Caracolilla 1/2 scale resin bust, rendered/sculpted by Abner Marin and produced by Black Heart Enterprises. This piece is stunning. Perhaps one of the most lavishly detailed and elegant pieces that I've ever had the pleasure of painting. I actually painted a much smaller version of this piece last Summer, which was 7.75" tall by 5.75" wide. The 1/2 scale version tops out at 12", and about 8" at the widest points. Both cast in solid gray resin.

  I was asked to paint this piece in the same manner as the smaller version, and in doing so, I made a few subtle changes and took the opportunity to work in a bit more detail into the face. I'm very pleased to have had the good fortune of painting another casting of this exquisite piece.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hermezine Alien


Artist Proof Studio have added yet another interesting original design to their ever growing menagerie of bizarre resin kits and busts, and it's name is Hermezine Alien. Sculpted by John Schuster, cast in solid light gray resin, and not a single air bubble or seam line to address. The bust is 11" tall and very slender, which means it will fit right into the tight spaces of your display cabinet. 

 A little back story on Hermezine taken from the Artist Proof blog :
"John Schuster's Hermezine Alien or "Hermez" as he's known around the space bars he frequents is a true party animal. He's the go to guy for supplying the Amphetamine like Chemical “Hermezine” to racer pilots around the universe. Guaranteed to increase focus and give you a boost! "

  John boasts his ability to render damn near any skin texture you could imagine on this here bust. All those different textures coupled with the smooth, psychedelic forms of the base make for an attractive display.  Hermezine makes me think of those wonderful old school alien designs you might find in an issue of Heavy Metal magazine from the 70's or 80's, or Barlowe's Guide To Extra-Terrestrials; the renaissance period for science fiction and fantasy art. With plenty of old-school charm, John still managed to imbue an incredible amount of 21st. Century detail. This bust is totally awesome, and I loved painting it. Get with Artist Proof Studio to snag a casting on this weird-o :

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Autumn~Sucus Auribus Sanguis


This might be the most bizarre kit release of sculptor William Paquet's career. Released through his amazing resin kit company, Sheer Terror Society, this cadaveric piece is titled, Sucus Auribus Sanguis, (Latin text) or simply, Blood Sap Zombie. This piece is to be the first of a four part Seasonal theme that William intends to realize: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Blood Sap Zombie is the Autumnal release. *side note: in progress photos of the Winter piece, which is fucking...incredible, can be seen on the Sheer Terror Society Facebook page.*

  I would peg the scale to be in the 1/6 neighborhood, standing at just shy of 14" in height. Cast in four solid pieces of resin: main body, left arm, skull, and the base. Do you understand the implications of a complex figure such as this, with all the negative spaces and undercuts, being cast in in so few pieces? The entire body, sans the left arm, was cast in one...piece. And extremely cleanly cast in one piece, at that. I had only to scrape with my hobby knife around the perimeter of each piece, fill a few air bubbles on the right hand and the left elbow with some epoxy putty. The casting William sent me was the color of pistachio pudding; a strange, ecto green. 
 I'm fighting back the urge to drone on and on with praise for this amazing piece, but let it suffice to say it's among the most original, highly detailed resin kits I've had the pleasure of painting, and I've painted a good many. With my paint scheme, I wanted to pay homage to the beautiful colors of the late Autumnal season here in the midwest, but with a bruised,  moldering aspect. I envisioned the strange, corpse-like elemental wraith to stride over the tangled mess of unidentifiable body parts; engorged with blood taken up from human viscera (and unfortunate woodland creatures alike) that blankets the forest floor. Always in flux. Shifting, shimmering like flame, and smelling of sweet cedar resin, wood smoke, iron and putrescent flesh all at once. The fleshy vines which course about it's emaciated body acting as siphons to sanguinate, feed and replenish it's nearly whole, (unwholesome?) form. It oddly regards a freshly depleted human skull in it's monstrous, vine fingered hand. 

  I was constantly reminded of Andreas Vesalius' anatomical illustrations I used to study in high school art class when working with it. I applaud William for releasing such incredible pieces.