Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grundle the Troll via Jordu Schell

    If you're familiar with sculptor Jordu Schell, then you probably realize that the man is very, very gifted. He seems to be intimately familiar with every form that exists on planet Earth, and very capable to rendering those many forms sculpturally. From my perspective he's a lot like the late fantasy artist Frank Frazetta in that he seems to very confidently render damn near any living creature under the Sun; or more accurately, every configuration of every living creature under the Sun!
 Here we have Grundle the Troll. The bust is 6.5" tall, cast in solid white resin. I see a chimpanzee in that face, don't you? That face and the physique of a lumberjack who's ready to tear an Oak tree out by it's trunk, bare handed. I wanted to get some photos of the bust before I started painting it. Enjoy:


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zero-Gravity Jabba complete


This would've been done a month ago had I not stripped the paint off it due to a mistake. My approach to painting this piece was to mimic the color and painting style applied in a piece done by artist Paul Komoda. The piece is titled, " Faceless": 

  I was actually making great progress, that is until I made the mistake of going in with some burnt umber to shade here and there, the beautifully transparent blue and violet tones I'd applied previously mutated into green. That changed everything...It wasn't that it looked bad, but it just didn't look like Paul's painting anymore at that point, so I stripped the paint and started from scratch...a month later. Two days before I needed to ship it across the country to my friend, Norman Meyers. But, as in all mistakes, it was a learning experience.

 Artist Proof Studio's, Zero-Gravity Jabba. Sculpted by the blindingly talented Paul Komoda: