Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fewture: A Metamorphosis Addict #1 Hopper resin kit be a meta
morphosis addict...

I completed this project in 2005, and I think it's the perfect subject to begin with. Fewture Models: Hopper; A Metamorphosis Addict #1. Sculpted by legendary artist Takayuki Takeya and produced by Fewture in, I believe, the mid nineties. There were three releases from the Metamorphosis Addict #1 series: Hopper, Disaster of Pusher Hopper and Pusher Hopper Special Set.

The concept here with Hopper is a person who wishes to inject himself with a brew that results in a metamorphosis into an entirely different creature; here an insect or grasshopper man. Combine this Hopper piece with Disaster of Pusher Hopper and you have a violent confrontation between a metamorphosis drug dealer and the buyer; resulting in dealer being torn in half and his precious brew stolen for a 'quick fix'.

This type of bizarre and extraordinary concept was commonplace among the releases from Fewture Models and it's entourage of stellar artists. My version was made to be displayed upon a circular base of wood, various bones from a coyote and epoxy putty. It's also worth noting that the insect appendages on it's back were removed from a praying mantis specimen I bought on ebay.

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  1. Excellent work! I saw this build up of yours over 5 years ago! Its really made its way around the net! Love the base!