Thursday, October 31, 2013

Melon Head says, "Happy Halloween Boils and Ghouls!"...

...alright, I lied! Melon Head didn't say anything. Have you looked into that cranium?! If he said anything, it'd be something like, "Ghuuurk...nnnghaaack....BWEGH!"
 I picked up this nasty little zombie bust at Quarantine Studios table at Wonderfest this year. Sculpted by the maestro of the macabre, William Paquet. I hadn't seen it before, and I picked one up on the spot. The bust is about 5 3/8" tall, so I'd say somewhere between 1/6-1/7th. scale range. Cast in cold cast porcelain, I believe. It was a pre-paint, so I had to strip off the factory finish, give it a nice clean up and primer for some beauty shots. I'm gonna' love painting this bastard! So feast your eyes on this quickly spoiling stiff before he liquefies into a stinky pool, and by all means...

  ...have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!




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