Friday, December 6, 2013

The Great (Young) Old One


Even the most infamous of the Ancient Ones has a humble beginning! Realized by artist, Simon Lee, this is little Baby Cthulhu.

When I first saw this piece, I couldn't help but imagine the little creature being squirted out and plopping wetly onto the featureless cold slab. I imagined the corrugated little lump hunkering down into it's loose, wrinkled skin, nestling into itself for comfort (who wants to cuddle?); maybe even coughing up a bit of post birth sputum as it takes it's first "breath" of life, or whatever such a creatures existence would be described as. That'd be a nice touch. Actually, as I think of Baby Cthulhu right now, I'm reminded of what a cicada that's newly emerged from it's shell looks like... All translucently moist, puffy and completely defenseless. What a neat concept. Simon's Baby Cthulhu is cast in one solid piece of creamy yellowish resin. The small plaque is measured to 6.25" long by 2.75" wide.  


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