Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ba'al Ball

This piece is called, Ba'al Ball, sculpted by artist Calvin Lo. Calvin studied sculpture under the tutelage of master sculptor, Simon Lee, and has amassed quite the cool menagerie of demons and creepazoids under his Impulse Refinery banner. When I asked Calvin how he'd like me to paint the piece, his only request was that I keep in mind that the character was "from Hell". 

  The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Hell is Wayne Barlowe's Inferno and Brushfire volumes. One piece in particular titled, "Watchtowers" gave me pause, primarily because I felt that the unnerving, unblinking, singular eye that's embedded in each those watchful spires would work perfect for the cycloptic Ba'al Ball. So I  made an attempt to use what I thought were some of the colors that Barlowe may have used to paint that piece, and other color themes seen throughout his Inferno series. Initially I wanted to paint the bust in very dark and ashy colors, but this more fleshy crimson look prevailed.

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