Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Demon Seed



                                                                                        I can't think of an image that's more synonymous with Halloween than a pumpkin with an evil grin carved into it's thick hide. Here we have a ghoulish gourd that's boasting a grin that would peel the pants of Father Merrin and send him careening down a flight of stairs. This jack-o-lantern has teeth that look quite a lot like shark's teeth, and only an artist like Paul Komoda would think of something like that. As I understand it, Paul sculpted this piece a decade, or so, ago. It is not a production piece. My friend Norman Meyers asked me to paint this so that he could have it to display at this years Son Of Monsterpalooza show in Burbank, CA., and I was happy to oblige, of course. it's October, it's Paul Komoda, and it's awesome.  

  ** I learned a bit of information from Paul about this piece. It was sculpted by him while he worked at Art Asylum on a project called, "Psychopumps" that featured three pumpkinheaded robots. Here's some artwork by Nelson Acencio: 


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