Saturday, May 16, 2015

Thinning the Herd

I'm moving out some Monsters. The sculptor and name of the piece will be listed below. Contact me at if you see anything you're interested in.


                                            Yeti resin bust, sculpted by Aris Kolokontes

"Bloater" resin mini bust, (character from "The Last of Us" Playstation game), sculpted by John Schuster.

                                      Brainsynch resin mini bust, sculpted by Dominic Qwek



                                             Goblin latex bust, sculpted by King Unicorn

                                    Karloffstein, Wonderfest '08 exclusive, sculpted by Moses Jaen                        

                                         Zombie Queen resin busts, sculpted by Jason Crager

                                     Cthulhu Fetus resin, based on an Allen Willliams sketch






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