Sunday, May 17, 2015


I painted this awesome piece several years ago at my friend Norman Meyer's home, way out in Los Angeles, CA. The character is named, Avagddu, and it's from a comic book called Slaine the King, illustrated by Glenn Fabry, and written by Pat Mills and Mike McMahon. Here's a short description of Avagddu found on the internet: "

"Avagddu is the son of the earth goddess and a tainted, brute of a demon. Avagddu is misshaped and covered with boils; he also has only one good eye. He is the dark side of the Earth Power personified."




                  Above is an illustration of Avagddu by Glenn Fabry from the pages of Slaine the King. As you can see, Norman did an exemplary job capturing all the nuances of Glenn's depiction of Avagddu. I actually applied some of Norman's facial hair to some of the boils to push the loathsome factor. Visit Artist Proof Studio webstore to purchase a casting of Avagddu here:

*Photos courtesy of Nitai Kearney*

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