Monday, June 15, 2015

Desmodus Vrykolakas

I recently finished painting this most excellent vampire display piece sculpted by artist Anthony Watkins. It's cast in solid resin, and comes with a nice round display mount and a clear resin stand. The head is roughly the size of a nice sized orange or apple. This piece really is a painter's dream with all the great textures, crazy teeth, and dramatically positioned tongue. I chose a pale gray skin tone with a really dark, inky mouth and bright reddish-orange eyes to stand out. Anthony didn't have a particular name for the piece other than vampire, so I took the liberty of naming it Desmodus Vrykolakas. Desmodus being a common Vampire Bat, and Vrykoulakas being the Greek, or Slavic name for a blood-feasting, undead creature. Even though it's only a head piece, there's just so much gnarly, pissed-off energy in the facial expression and writhing tongue, it's sure to hold it's own among the other nasty creatures in any Garage Kit enthusiast's display cabinet.


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