Sunday, April 3, 2011

Artist Proof Studio: La Pestilencia

This lady is finished...

...and it truly feels like an immense weight lifted from me for some odd reason.

I've been drawn to this piece since the first moment Norman Meyers sent me a shadowy, amber tinted image of the Paul Komoda sculpture in progress.
Just look at her face; a human being subjected to an abominable condition. I wonder who she was? Her name, where she lived, what she did for a living. And most of all, if she was alive or dead in the infamous image of her that was published in a Penthouse magazine in the 1970's.

Google her...

I honestly don't know of any other artist who could study
a visage such as this and avoid an all-out cruel, disgusting orgy of a sculpture. There's still a semblance of grace swimming around among her drooping and cratered features; her inky black eyes, completely void of emotion. That wonderfully ornate, ossified, art nouveau base is a treat indeed. Paul Komoda is, without question, " The Man".

My hat goes off to Artist Proof Studio for
having the Balls to produce this piece.


  1. You really captured the tragedy of this piece Jason. It's hard to even imagine the pain she must have experienced. It's one of the most grotesque things I've ever seen, yet I can't look away. This is true art.

  2. Incredible work Jason! One of the pics, looks like it was some sort of B-Roll from the original photo shoot! You've really brought out the horror, beauty and tragedy of this piece.
    Can't wait for us to have her on display at the show!