Sunday, April 17, 2011

Barlowe/Shiflett: Thype

Where do I begin? This is one serious piece, this Thype. It's designed by a science fiction and fantasy painter who's work I've been tremendously influenced by, Wayne Barlowe, and sculpted by two brothers who've managed to accumulate a rabid following by way of their unique approach to sculpting, as well as their unique personalities, Brandon and Jarrod Shiflett; more commonly known as, " The Shiflett Brothers". Three talented juggernauts collide.

The sculpture is just fucking amazing, there's really not much
else I can say. Clean and perfect fitting castings handled by Steve West of Cellar Cast. The sense of movement is wonderful, and Thype is carefully negotiating his way across the uneven rocks. I'm still reeling that there's a resin kit based off a Wayne Barlowe creature design sculpted by these Fellas, who've managed to create a sculpting style that's as individual as the great Frank Frazetta's approach was to painting. The Shiflett's have done work for Glenn Danzig, and to me, that means that their shit don't stink!

This is a stripped down, no frills, bad-assed piece of Art. I've spent many, many evenings studying the alien worlds and hellish landscapes realized by Wayne Barlowe; spent years admiring the unique skills of Jarrod and Brandon Shiflett. This was truly a righteous painting experience.


  1. Wow Jason! Incredible work all around!

  2. Wayne Barlowe and the Shiflett's! Now, let's see the Brothers so some scenes from Barlowe's Inferno! Thanks you all for taking the time to post :)