Monday, January 31, 2011


I'll just get straight to the beans and suggest that if you are at all fond of Dragons, then do get this bust. From start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed working with this piece. A few details:

The kit comes in two solid, light gray resin pieces. Assembled, it's a
height of ten inches, with casting duties handled by Shane McGowin. There are so many tiny spikes and spines on the surface that I feared wouldn't survive the casting process, but to my surprise, most of them did. Don't get me wrong: there were some repairs to be done, but work was minimal and easy.

Now let's discuss the sculptor, Jarett Riva for a moment. T
his guy comes outta' the gate with a piece of this caliber, and it's just friggin' crazy...

I remember seeing progress photos of it on a modeling forum cal
led the The Clubhouse. Jarett must have been surreptitiously working with the piece for some time, and when he finally announced that it was his intention to produce the bust and make it available to purchase, I'm sure a group of ravenous hobbyists had their fingers hovering over the 'Pay Now' button.

Examining the creature's face, I see a hint of self-satisfactio
n in that half smirk, but maybe it's just me. The stoic, upright position of the head works the aforementioned aspect even further into being. I think it was an excellent decision for Jarett to imbue a little personality unto the dragon instead of portraying a fire-crazed, apocalyptic wyrm. (And let me tell ya', there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, either...) But the proverbial icing on the cake is without a doubt the wonderful field of reptilian textures the sculpture boasts. I might even take it to the ledge and say that this piece boasts some of the most exquisite textures of this sort that I've had the pleasure of seeing.

The whole piece is just handsome and full of pride; a combination of words which sum the piece up best in my opinion.

Prior to physically painting the piece, my mind's eye painte
d Surreptitious as dark, and dusty with layers of soot. That was my original destination, but my craft transported me to a different isle. However, I cannot say that I don't enjoy where I landed. There was a point that I had incorporated too many different transparent colors that I thought would add an interesting effect, but all that only succeeded in making the bust appear muddy and without any solid look. So in short, "Less is more"...or in my situation, " Additions through subtractions." In which case, I subtracted every scrap of paint and primer off it back down to the bare resin...

I had to strip the bust and start all over.

Well, I didn't have to, but I certainly wanted to. So I returned to the look that I was happiest with before the pie
ce was 'lost', and slowly proceeded with caution from there. And I do feel content with the look of it all. Contact Jarett at: to harass him about this piece. ;)


  1. Gorgeous work Jason!
    Jarrett really did an amazing job on this sculpt!

  2. Amazing job ! I like dragons ! And especially yours !

  3. I thank you both, very much. It makes a painter's work much easier when the sculpture is so well rendered.