Monday, January 17, 2011

Oil-Soaked (Spiderzero Creature Head No.7)

There's a wall in my little 'studio', if you will, that's lined with boxes upon boxes haphazardly stacked (not at all unlike many other people in this Hobby). Inside one of those boxes lies a menagerie of some of the strangest creatures known to man. I reached in, pulled one out and imagined what it would like like with some pigment on it. what happened...

Yeah, yeah... Enough with the dramatics already. I decided t
hat I needed a quick fix, so lucky me, I have a box filled with those excellent resin creature heads that Simon Lee has been putting out over the last 3 years. This particular one, simply titled, 'Creature Head No. 7' was the one that had the honor of being subjected to my imagination.

If my memory serves me correctly, Simon actually used his Mantis creature bust as a substrate to begin this piece, and it does seem to be so, as there certainly
is a semblance of that previous creature lurking in there. The head itself is no more than 2.5" tall and wide, according to Simon's website. I was always very interested in the photo of the No. 7 creature head Simon used on his website. It appeared very dark and oily; maybe some condensation steaming up the lenses, or whatever they are. So I used that photo as a launching pad.

I also wanted to make a simple themed base that went alo
ng with the greasy, lubricated look I planned to give the head, so I dragged out a box that I've been stowing away random interesting looking junk in for the last ten years. After wasting time on a few doomed designs I finally arrived at a suitable look that I felt cooperated with the head, which consisted of some parts from an old clock radio, an oscillating fan and some wires here and there.

Painting it was pretty simple, I just wanted the entire piece to appear very dark, grimy and unclean. I always look forward to an opportunity to get one of these little bastards out and be creative with it.