Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Artist Proof Studio: Death Corps Zombie bust

This is the debut release from Artist Proof Studio, a new company consisting of
Paul Komoda, Erick Sosa and Norman Meyers. Death Corps Zombie is a 1/2 scale bust impeccably cast by Steve West of Cellar Cast. Measuring in at 13” tall, Death Corps Zombie is without a doubt one of the nicest pieces of art I’ve had the pleasure to work with; both in terms of casting quality and sculptural detail.

This piece has a look that’s best described, (in my opinion) as an amalgam of H.R. Giger, Takayuki Takeya and Yasushi Nirasawa; all polished with Paul Komoda’s own obsessively detailed fingerprint. Death Corps Zombie in a nod to the Germans ever captivating interest in the supernatural and the occult during World War II; the desire to create a squad of devastating, undead soldiers on the battlefield that were deemed unusable and ultimately too difficult to control.

The Zombie is depicted from the chest up in uniform with goggles, and is totally scarred with fantastic details by the hands of Mr. Komoda. The textures of the zombified skin range from desiccated to pitted, pruned, and taught; textures reminiscent of fish bones with all the tiny pits and etched lines that appear to be crafted by Mother Nature. Even the short cropped hair has an incredibly fleshy look to it with the worm like, backwards swept flow. All skillfully placed onto an accurate study of anatomy. With a stoic expression and upright military posture, the detail doesn’t stop there - the undead soldier’s uniform is a work of Art in itself, completing the look of a thing that’s been lying decades in wait beneath a lagoon. A uniform with a look so organic, it appears to have been grown onto the zombie. I should not forget to mention the SS lightning bolts and Deaths Head pins on the collar to complete the authentic look. All this wonderful detail is lies atop an uber smooth base refined by Toi Ogunyoku Jr.

As I mentioned previously, the casting quality is impeccable. All that is required to prep for painting is to remove a very weak seam line over the shoulders and head. It’s so weak, in fact, you could most likely glare at it threateningly and it would melt away. No offset lines or air bubbles, and the light gray resin even has a nice pungent odor too, reminding you that there’s an undead Nazi soldier that needs painted in front of you. The bust comes neatly packaged in an artwork adorned box and simple instructions featuring information about Artist Proof Studio.

I think it’s fantastic the talented individuals at Artist Proof are bucking up and visiting some extremely original and atypical subject matter. If Death Corps Zombie is any indication of what's on the horizon for this burgeoning clay provocateur cult, then I feel like we're all in for an unusual and interesting trip.

The Death Corps Zombie bust can be acquired from Norman Meyers, at zombiejesus11@gmail.com for $140 plus shipping.
To keep abreast of what's brewing in the ever frothing vats at Artist Proof Studio, click here.

A.P.S. Death Corps Zombie bust as featured in Kitbuilder's Magazine #62, painted by me.

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