Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Caracolilla 1/2 Scale

  Caracolilla 1/2 scale resin bust, rendered/sculpted by Abner Marin and produced by Black Heart Enterprises. This piece is stunning. Perhaps one of the most lavishly detailed and elegant pieces that I've ever had the pleasure of painting. I actually painted a much smaller version of this piece last Summer, which was 7.75" tall by 5.75" wide. The 1/2 scale version tops out at 12", and about 8" at the widest points. Both cast in solid gray resin.

  I was asked to paint this piece in the same manner as the smaller version, and in doing so, I made a few subtle changes and took the opportunity to work in a bit more detail into the face. I'm very pleased to have had the good fortune of painting another casting of this exquisite piece.

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