Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hermezine Alien


Artist Proof Studio have added yet another interesting original design to their ever growing menagerie of bizarre resin kits and busts, and it's name is Hermezine Alien. Sculpted by John Schuster, cast in solid light gray resin, and not a single air bubble or seam line to address. The bust is 11" tall and very slender, which means it will fit right into the tight spaces of your display cabinet. 

 A little back story on Hermezine taken from the Artist Proof blog :
"John Schuster's Hermezine Alien or "Hermez" as he's known around the space bars he frequents is a true party animal. He's the go to guy for supplying the Amphetamine like Chemical “Hermezine” to racer pilots around the universe. Guaranteed to increase focus and give you a boost! "

  John boasts his ability to render damn near any skin texture you could imagine on this here bust. All those different textures coupled with the smooth, psychedelic forms of the base make for an attractive display.  Hermezine makes me think of those wonderful old school alien designs you might find in an issue of Heavy Metal magazine from the 70's or 80's, or Barlowe's Guide To Extra-Terrestrials; the renaissance period for science fiction and fantasy art. With plenty of old-school charm, John still managed to imbue an incredible amount of 21st. Century detail. This bust is totally awesome, and I loved painting it. Get with Artist Proof Studio to snag a casting on this weird-o : zombiejesus11@gmail.com