Sunday, May 25, 2014


  This is an ass kicking little bust sculpted by Jarrod and Brandon Shiflett titled, Executioner. I'd guess it to be a beefy 1/6 scale, and just a hair under six inches in height. The kit is two solid medium gray resin pieces, body and axe, and it keys together perfectly compliments of caster Ahren Gauthier. I spent twenty minutes scraping the seam lines with a hobby knife and I was straight to painting. This mean little bugger has a lot of Simon Bisley energy throughout, and wanted to paint it with some rotten greens, yellows and spectral blues. I had some real fun painting this rad little beast, and I cannot say enough good things about it, either. If you're a fan of Frank Frazetta or Simon Bisley styled pieces, or powerfully sculpted pieces in general, this bust is an absolute must have.




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