Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mr. Wrinkles Unpainted


     This is a piece called Mr. Wrinkles, sculpted by artist Jon Payne. A few months ago I happened upon photos of this sculpture, and it instantly concurred with my interests. Everything was right about this piece. I took a trip out to California for Monsterpalooza last month, and I had the good fortune of running into Mr. Wrinkles at Jon Payne's table. I had actually totally forgotten about the piece, (I had assumed that it was a one-off), so unexpectedly seeing it there at the show was a big surprise, and I instantly picked up a casting. I'm going to work on this piece in between some other projects that I have going on, so I wanted to share the unpainted resin shots of this creepy and curious piece. Enjoy. 



  1. Such a killer piece! Excited to see what you do with him. These pictures remind me that we need more pics or raw resin kits! Basically garage kit porn. We should start another blog...

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