Thursday, March 28, 2013

Julia Resurrected

 I should start by saying that painting this piece was an exercise in restrain. I say that because Paul Komoda, the sculptor of this piece, is one of the most imaginative artists alive today in my opinion. You can gaze upon the night sky and see into infinity, and with regards to Paul's sculpture work, the details seem to go on and on as far as the eye can see. You just have to know when to stop painting them.

 Julia literally sucked the life from the poor bastard. He was brought from the Channard institute to be a flesh offering unto her by Dr. Channard himself. Standing by with dark desire, he watched as the insane patient was finally granted his wish to free himself of the insects that he thought were crawling all over his body with the straight razor Channard gave to him. His blood flowed upon the mattress and Julia was birthed from it, straight from the grasp of the Cenobites in Hell! His blood for her flesh, and he was left a withered stiff, crumpled and broken on the mattress.

  This piece can be obtained through Artist Proof Studio. Check out their macabre menagerie here: or e-mail them directly at:


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