Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zero Gravity Jabba

Paul Komoda is the artist responsible for realizing this interesting little piece. As I understand it, Paul sculpted this a number of years ago and the piece fell into the hands of a friend, and ultimately into obscurity. Come 2012, said friend rediscovers the piece, produces it to Mr. Komoda again, and it gets molded, cast and produced under the Artist Proof Studio banner. And why not? 

  Yes, an interesting little piece indeed. Measuring in at a length of 7" from tip of the tail to forehead, and 2 3/8" elbow to elbow. It's imbued with the delicate detail that Paul is very well known for. And to top things off, he's Zero Gravity! Jabba the Hut, unbound by the laws of gravity. Who knew? Who would've even thought? But again...why the Hell not?! I always thought it was ridiculous to see the rotund creature sliding along side of Han Solo in the late 90's special edition of, "A New Hope". I much prefer to see him floating about, chock-full of convoluted details in a pseudo-yogaic posture. 
 is the place to inquire about this piece, and many other Paul Komoda pieces, as well as a great deal of other extremely creative and original artwork.

  Feast Thine eyes...

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