Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nosferatu- Peter Murphy


Well, this one took longer than I had hoped it would. Summer waltzed in and captivated me with creeks full of turtles, so I took some time off. But when I returned, I was less than inspired to paint to say the very least. There was a time when I was damn close to actually throwing the bust into the trash because I felt that I couldn't paint it the way that I wanted to see it.'s finished. 

  The eyes of a vampire...they draw you in...entangle you in their owner's savage , insatiable lust for pleasures of the flesh and blood. From the moment I saw this bust I wanted to make sure that I paid close attention to the eyes. I wanted strong, vibrant eyes that would be capable of beguilement; eyes that glowed in the blackest stygian night; eyes capable of paralysis if caught in their swath. The anesthetizing lullaby of those eyes...and then the sudden crash of crimson desire.

     And Blood. I definitely wanted to add lots of blood spurts around the mouth and on those sick talons, but this moment is before the attack. You know damn well what's going to happen next... 


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