Sunday, December 26, 2010


Yet another horse sculpture painted for my lovely daughter as a Christmas gift.

I searched high and low for a piece with just the right feel, and this one made the cut.
Released by a company called Mill Creek Sculptures, and sculpted by artist Arich Harrison. It was exactly what I was looking for: simple, beautiful design and flow, and the musculature was obviously very well thought out.

I'm not familiar with the company or the artist, but from what I gather, this piece is based off a popular war horse sculpture in a smaller scale. It's 8 inches tall, cast in a solid resin. Right out of the box the bust looked very nice. It was hand painted with an antique patina effect. So nice in fact, I had thought to just give it to my daughter as it was, but I had to give it my own personal touch. So I stripped the paint from it and painted my own version. (First photo below is of the bust stripped of original paint)

It was originally my intention to paint the horse very dark, near black. But I became quite attached to the dark red browns and other color effects I threw in there.

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