Sunday, August 7, 2016

Another Shock Monster Bust

After a crazy Summer thus far, I can say that it's very nice to finally update this blog with a cool project on which I really, really enjoyed working. I had the good fortune of being commissioned to paint another awesome Shock Monster resin bust, sculpted by Casey Love and produced by Scott Whitworth Studio. This newer version of the bust differs from the original release in that the original had a brick work base, and did a bit of custom work: hollowing out the mouth, knocking out a few teeth, and sculpting a fat tongue. This newer version has a much taller, ornately styled pedestal base, and a more hollowed out mouth and tongue as well. 

 I chose to paint it in much more potent greens and yellows, (versus the septic, brownish-green-yellow of the previous version. *See bottom photo*), applied jet black crepe hair, and a severely bloodshot eye. Green is my favorite color, and the Shock Monster is one of my favorite classic creepers!






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