Thursday, March 27, 2014


                This is one BAD-ASSED hunk of Demonic resin called, "Hellfire. Sculpted by Anthony Watkins. To the tip of his horns, the bust is right at 11", and cast in solid white resin. From the moment I opened this big ugly bastard I knew that I wanted to paint him Red. Straight up traditionally satanic, Heavy Metal demon Red. But I threw in other colors to spice it up a bit, too. I really enjoyed using all sorts of reds, magenta's, fiery oranges and deep bloody colors on it. The rippling chest muscles and straining neck tendons really set this piece off. What a BEAST! Anthony also sculpts some of the gnarliest looking dragons I've seen, too. The guys is an amazing sculptor. Have a look see at his Facebook page to see some of his sculptural work. Anthony's Facebook Page. Or send him an e-mail to ask about his Hellfire bust:

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