Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Allfather D'Aronique

Artist Norman Meyers of Artist Proof Studio is responsible for this next bit of deviant plastic. The resin bust is based off a Vertigo comic book cover from the nineties titled, Preacher. The original artwork was created by artist Glenn Fabry, and Norm decided it was high time we see this rotund figure of righteousness in all his regurgitant glory realized in resin form. The bust stands 9.75" tall, and is 7" from shoulder to shoulder. The hollow casting was poured in light gray resin, and very clean. Here's a brief explanation of the character:

" He is barely mobile because of his extreme weight, which requires to be carried about by retainers. D'Aronique is also bulimic, and uses an ivory stick in the shape of two fingers to induce vomiting. Because his subordinates are all too loyal or afraid of him to question anything he does, he has no compunction about messily gorging himself with food and then vomiting all over himself in front of others. Despite his seemingly hapless appearance, D'Aronique is both highly intelligent and absolutely ruthless, albeit very pious..."

I approached painting the bust somewhere in between the original Fabry painting, and working off what Norm had sculpted. I felt that if I translated Fabry's palette and style literally to the bust it might look a bit off. Well, you might say I was scared to attempt it and fail, considering I procrastinated long enough to give myself several evenings after work to complete painting it. The bust was finished in just enough time to have it over ni
ghted to Los Angeles so Norm could have it on display at this years Monsterpalooza show. Looking at it now, I'd definitely shade the cap differently, but other than than I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

If you're interested, contact Norm Meyers at zombiejesus11@gma for details on the bust.

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