Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Devil, man.

It never fails, every time I hear or think of the word Devilman I invariably drift to the White Zombie song, "Super Charger Heaven" with it's chorus, " Devilman, Devilman - calling. Devilman- runnin' in my head, YEAH!"

Well at long last, I finally assembled and painted a Max Facto
ry Devilman kit. Had I not been commissioned to paint this piece, it's very likely that I wouldn't have painted one for myself. With all of it's lovely detail, the sculpture is quite intimidating to me. It may have been at Wonderfest earlier this spring when Brandon Shiflett and I were getting hammered as nails drunk, talking kits, Danzig and Art in general; he asked me if I would paint this kit for him. It had been many years since I'd last painted a Takayuki Takeya piece, so I said, "Fuck yes I will, man." To coin Charlie Sheen- the thought rollin' through my head was, " Winning..." Yes, I just did that.

The only direction I got from Brandon was that he really wanted to see
some magenta tones, the rest was for me to work out. So I went in there with the magenta and purple tones, then accented with rusty oranges gold. It feels great to get the poison out with this; painting this beautiful piece was a tremendous release.


  1. Best Devilman paint up I've ever seen! Hands down you killed it! Excellent work man!

  2. Agreed, Great Paint job!!

    Marisa :)

  3. love it ! great job and pics !

    looks similar to my D-man ;)

    see :

    Stefan (Steve)