Saturday, July 16, 2011

King Thalidomidas

It's always the smallest pieces that provide me with the most fret and indecision. I feel that since they're small, I need to make the very most of the piece. King Thalidomidas.

I'm not totally sure what happened to this Fella. Artists Pau
l Komoda and Norman Meyers laid out a story that explains the life story of this mysterious thalidomide sailor. And speaking of thalidomide, it wasn't until after weeks and weeks of frustratingly trying to make sense of the name, and I found the answer in the most unlikely of places: listening to the Howard Stern satellite radio show. So we have a man who's an unfortunate product of his mother's indulgence of a pill to relieve morning sickness, and he's half the man that he would've been. But don't be mistaken! From what I've heard from Norman, King Thalidomidas was quite the man indeed!

Even though it is a small piece, Paul passionately blessed the King with a lovely organic pasture of convoluted, and tumor-fattened skin. Paul Komoda truly is one o
f the most interesting and curiously talented artist living today; everything he produces speaks of it.

Since this piece was a commission, my client and I had discussed quite a few different ways to approach painting him. But in the end, the "less is more" approach
prevailed, as it often does in my experience in painting. Oh, and if you're curious about the illustrious history of King Thalidomidas, follow this link to Artist Proof Studio's blog and see what Paul and Norman have to say about him. Artist Proof Studio Blog

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