Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spiderzero: Spider v.3

Wow...I really have been very busy at work lately. I now have very little time to devote to painting thanks to my unyielding work schedule; but I did find enough time to show another piece I completed a few months ago.

As a follow up to my previous Spiderzero Mantis post, I present to you the painted clear Spider head that Simon provided me with. This piece was completed before the Mantis, and it was my first attempt at experimenting with painting onto a clear medium.

The entire approach to painting clear or translucent castings is quite different than working with an opaque material. One must be light handed and use a good bit of forethought. I'm fairly pleased with the way this turned out, but after looking at it I decided to make a few subtle changes. And when I say subtle, I mean very subtle... you may or may not even notice them in comparison to the post of the Spider head next to the Mantis in the previous post; but it needed to be done in my eyes.

I believe I would've liked this piece to turn out to be a bit more translucent, but I did achieve the look I was initially after: that of an old and withered creature. A few people who've seen it commented on how it even looks as if it's been burned, and it does appear that way; which is perfectly fine by me.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome colour scheme, reminds me of a marshmallow over a fire. Gruesome paints on a gruesome sculpt, wicked work as usual!